OpenViX 5.3 will not be supporting some older machines

To all members & OpenViX users,

After much consideration we’re sorry to advise that the machines listed below will not be supported in OpenViX 5.3.00x when it’s released, OpenViX 5.2 images and plugin feeds will remain online. This is due to limited resources:

VU+ Duo
VU+ Uno
VU+ Ultimo
Xtrend ET-7×00
Xtrend ET-9×00
Miraclebox Premium Twin
Miraclebox Mini Plus
Miraclebox Mini Hybrid
Miraclebox MB-Micro
Miraclebox MB-Micro v2
Miraclebox Premium Twin Plus
Miraclebox MB-Premium Ultra
Octagon SF128
Octagon SF138
Octagon SF228
Technomate TM-Twin
Technomate TM-Nano 2 Super
Technomate TM-Nano 3T
Gigablue HD Quad
Golden Interstar LX3
Mutant HD11
Mutant HD1200
Mutant HD1500

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, but once again please note that OpenViX 5.2 images and plugin feeds will remain online for the benefit of these machines.